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educate & support our clients to thrive as who They are meant to be!

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We have also Created

40-Day Health Intuitive Coaching Program with HTMA Test


When you shift old habits and belief systems,

Your body gets to express different symptoms … AND that can be challenging to navigate alone…

And because a healthy vessel hones your intuitive gift,

We need to DETOX toxic heavy metals AND CORRECT mineral deficiencies…

In order to reach your optimal potential, and enjoy lasting health.


  • Renewed Energy, Mental Clarity, and Better Sleep

  • Improved Digestion, Immune System, Balanced Metabolism, & Overall Health

  • Deeper Intuitive Connection to YOU

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) & In-Depth Analysis

  • Determines which Toxic Heavy Metals and Mineral Deficiencies you have

  • Discover Metabolic Type (Slow or Fast) & Lifestyle choices to balance it

  • Learn the reasons behind challenges wit: Weight, Energy, Pain, Mental Fog, Mood Swings, Skin, Allergies, Hormones, Digestion, and more!

  • Gives personalized picture of: Thyroid Function, Adrenal Fatigue, Nervous System, Protein Synthesis, Carbohydrate Tolerance, Blood Sugar Balance, Inflammation, Stress, Nutrient Deficiencies, Personal Patterns, and more!


  • Intuitive Readings and Tools to decipher body’s signals and language

  • Total of 5- hours Personal Calls plus Email Support

  • HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) test and In-Depth Analysis

  • Personalized Supplement and Practical Lifestyle Recommendations (Homework too!)

  • Two Online Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire to learn EXACTLY what you need to address today and follow your progress

  • Precise PLAN that WORKS for YOU.

*This program has limited space and you may have to join our waitlist. You will hear from us when your program is set to begin.

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3 Common Missteps in the Healing Journey

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Trying to out-run nutrient imbalances or poor eating practices with more intense exercise, yoga, or meditation sessions.

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Trying to out-eat stressors, heavy metals toxicity, negative attitudes and lifestyle habits with yet another "perfect diet".


Not listening

Trying to connect the body-mind-spirit potential without listening to your body's needs and responding appropriately.  

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Are You Feeling Toxic?

Reset your system with a Metabolic Cleanse!

Biotics Research, our preferred label for nutritional and functional dietary supplements, now offers a powerful 15-Day Metabolic Cleanse Program.  This is especially effective for individuals with high blood sugar, high cholesterol, and symptoms of chronic inflammation.

This program is designed to gently clear toxic accumulations from your liver and other detox pathways, opening up your whole system to have better energy levels, stamina, focus, and immune function.

Our clients have been thrilled with the results they have experienced, especially when combined with a personalized Zenshin Institute program.

One happy client recently wrote in about the 15-Day Metabolic Cleanse:  "I'm doing so much better...Feel energized and I dropped 6.5 lbs as of this morning since I started!" ~Roy L.

Read more about about the 15-Day Metabolic Cleanse program or CONTACT US to find out if it is right for you!

“I would now assert that the primary driver of chronic disease in the industrialized world is environmental toxins. I want to be real clear. I am not saying that nutritional deficiencies are no longer a problem.

What I am saying is that we’ve added a bigger problem because we are poisoning ourselves with metals and chemicals.”
— Dr. Joe Pizzorno, author of The Toxic Solution, in an interview with Dr. Mark Hyman

Take your health to the next level with Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)

Multiple factors affect your health, but mineral deficiencies and heavy metal toxicity lead directly to disorders of the cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, muscular, skeletal, neurological, immune and endocrine systems. 

Hair mineral and toxin levels provide a comprehensive picture of the inner workings of your cellular biochemistry over several months at a time.  These patterns deeply affect the Whole Person:  our total expressions of body, mind, emotions, and spirit.   

Who is HTMA for?

  • EVERYONE, both children and adults.  Whether you are struggling with health-related issues today or are looking to prevent future illnesses, virtually everyone today has nutrient mineral imbalances and disruptive exposures to toxic heavy metals. 
  • Individuals on medications, including anti-depressants, mood stabilizers, and stimulants.  Medications, especially when used for more than a few months at a time, almost guarantee nutrient mineral imbalances in our bodies.
  • Individuals struggling with energy fluctuations, blood sugar dysregulation, and sleep disorders.
  • Anyone suffering from depression, addictions, ADD/ADHD or other neurological disorders.
  • Highly sensitive people with delicate digestive systems and reactive immune systems, who continue to struggle despite working on eating well.   
  • Individuals looking for a clear bio-individual plan (diet, supplements, lifestyle, etc.) that would address his/her specific, demonstrated physiological needs, NOT a "shotgun" approach

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What Our Clients Are Saying

When I first came to see Masami, I was at a very low place and had given up hope and trust in my body and its ability to heal. I was perpetually sick and was doing all the “things” I knew to get better, but none of them seemed to be working. The level of care and thorough attention to detail that Masami has put into my healing has been incredible.

Though nutrition and supplements have been crucial to my healing journey, Masami and Chris’s work goes much deeper than this. They have taught me to slow down and truly listen. I have learned so much about myself and the world around me through this simple, yet profound, act.

I am also happy to report that I haven’t gotten sick in months! I honestly feel like a whole new person, physically, mentally and spiritually. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!
— Lizzie S., Santa Barbara, CA
All the stars aligned...and I happened to meet Chris and Masami in serendipitous circumstances. They mentioned in passing that they seem to be the last resort for many of their clients because they’ve exhausted all their options. Little did I know that I would follow suit. After getting a heart-breaking diagnosis from my doctors (Type II Diabetes), I was determined to turn my health around, and do it without taking conventional Western medicine/medication. Enter Chris and Masami. I was diligent and disciplined about the direction they gave me and follow all their advice strictly. My diagnoses were reversed after 7 months. I’m continuing to work with them to stay on track and work on other health anomalies. In the time I’ve been working with them, my family, friends, and peers have also remarked how young I look - which was a great added bonus that I was not anticipating. I have dropped 30 pounds and look much healthier as a result. I cannot be more thankful to Chris and Masami. I only wish more people would realize how much Chris and Masami can help.
— Mike S., Chicago, IL
In August 2015 I had a chance meeting with Chris Covey. I told him my story of constant poor health and a recent diagnosis of congestive heart failure. He listened. That in itself felt like a miracle. He was able to reflect back to me how the chronic stress I had experienced at certain times in my life, particularly some 15 years prior, following a run of operations, a subsequent infection and a move of home and country, had contributed to gradual body dysfunction. Nothing was working right, digestion, endocrine system, organs, skin, water retention. As he spoke I knew it to be true. This was a whole system collapse, the heart was just the point of vulnerability and the one that could force a change. His first advice to me was to take a mix of digestive enzymes and functionally supportive nutritional supplements. He explained, though I was eating well, my body was not digesting and assimilating what I ate. Stress and sugar and antibiotics all those years ago had depleted my own digestive enzymes. I did as he recommended and the positive effect was immediate. After the first dose I woke the next morning not exhausted; for the first time for as long as I could remember!
From there the journey was a slow but continuous improvement. As Chris advised me on nutritional changes, supportive supplements, noticing helpful and unhelpful lifestyle choices, I gradually became more in tune with my own body wisdom. By the summer of 2016, a year on from the first meeting with Chris, I was well enough to come off of the diuretic medications – which make normal life a misery – and, to my joy, was able to begin again my interfaith minister training. In the autumn of 2016, following further tests, my heart consultant pronounced me free from symptoms (of heart failure) and approved my gradual reduction of the remaining heart medications!
— Suzanne I-K, Cambridgeshire, UK
By focusing on the nutritional quality and macronutrient balance of shared meals at our fire station, the entire crew has seen improvements in our sleep, focus, energy levels, camaraderie, and as a bonus, even weight loss. It’s important that we firefighters are fit and healthy so we can serve the public at our highest level.
— Steve S., Wheat Ridge, CO
I just wanted to thank you both once again for all of the help you have given me and my family over the years. I could never have done our big trip to Haida Gwaii without my health. We canoed 60 miles in 6 days and 5 nights!
— Will H., Boulder, CO
I would like to let everyone know that before I started seeing Chris at Zenshin Institute I had no energy. I was consuming large amounts of caffeine and sugar hoping to get the energy I was looking for, but all I got was major crashes. After going over my diet with Chris and analyzing my hair sample we discovered that my diet was doing the opposite of what I intended. Chris recommended nutritional supplements for my demonstrated personal needs, in addition to incorporating healthier alternatives to my diet. I feel better than I have in years! Chris and Masami are both wonderful, knowledgeable individuals who take the time to listen and work with you on a program to maximize your health. I highly recommend them to everyone I meet.
— Terri O., Lakewood, CO

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