A bit of history behind the name "Zenshin"

Zenshin as we know it now didn't lend itself to becoming a clear method right away.  First we had to experience the deeper teachings of each Zenshin Element ourselves, before we could share this framework with others.  For nearly a decade, we came face to face with varying degrees of our own physical breakdown, emotional meltdown, mental exhaustion, and spiritual crisis. 

Facing our own journey was the only way for us to learn what it means to guide others on their own path with ZM.  In other words, ZM is the ongoing culmination of our personal work and clinical experience, made possible through expanding our scientific understanding of our physiology, exploring awareness, and practicing deep listening.


The name Zenshin came to us one evening in 2005, after meditating on how to describe what was then Masami's multifaceted work—a one-on-one therapeutic modality comprised of personalized yoga movements, hands-on adjustments, and body-heart-mind connecting practices. 

The word "Zenshin" originates from a group of 7 Japanese words that have the same pronunciation, but use different writings and meanings (like sea and see).  The sound "zen" is common in many Japanese word compounds, and even though they share a "zen" syllable, Zenshin is NOT derived from Zen Buddhism. 

In ZM, the 7 meanings reflect the multi-layered and multi-dimensional nature of our interconnected lives (more below).


ZM guides you through 4 basic life Qualities

The 7 meanings of Zenshin are grouped into 4 Qualities:  Wholeness, Movement, Goodness, Essence.

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Wholeness is the root of "health" and "healing".  Wholeness helps you to recognize the interconnectedness of everything and that this is the source of balance.  This means that the structures and functions of your body, what's on your plate, your encounters with the physical world, your daily schedule, your relationships with others, what your heart feels, how your mind perceives situations, what you think, etc., all impact and influence the whole of you.


Movement is about appropriate action in relation to what is happening in your life right now. It is being open to the unknown future, having the willingness to change yourself, and leaping into what is before you to do. It is also about how you grow and evolve—setting goals, having daily practices, making commitments, remaining curious, and taking risks—but also having the flexibility, persistence, resilience, and grit to stay with your journey. 


Goodness is about opening your heart to the power of compassion towards yourself and others.  It is also about creating sacred space within you for silence, contemplation, and inner exploration.  Goodness is the ageless wisdom, the Truth that is bigger than you, and yet is innately yours.  It is what nurtures self-love, builds supportive community, and ultimately connects us with divine love.


Essence is what exists before words, before thoughts, beyond time and space—it was there before your birth and continues after your death.  In the relaxed stillness and silence behind all of your busyness, you touch this field of Essence, which continues to illuminate you.  Essence is your natural state, in which your pure creative potential can move through you, and from this your highest soul expression comes to life.

The 4 Qualities are further expressed through 7 Elements


1) Whole Body

2) Whole Heart-Mind


3) Drive

4) Steady Progression








Whole Body

Learning to decipher your "body language" of signs and symptoms and supporting Nutritional Balance is the FOUNDATION of ZM.  If your body is a temple, caring for it with devotion is your first act of worship.  Whole Body (WB) consists of your human cells and DNA, but also the 100 trillion microbes that govern your health, and the epigenetic triggers inside and outside of you that turn your genes "on" and "off".  Through WB, you take a closer look at the foods you eat, your digestion, elimination, hydration, detoxification, adrenal health, sleep, mood, energy, blood sugar balance, what you put on your skin, the environment you live in, and the evolving body of scientific findings.  WB helps you to gain insights into your own bio-individual needs and learn proven practices to restore health and healing. 

Whole Heart-Mind

It is through connecting Heart and Mind that you become aware of your "biography" becoming your "biology", including your stories around food, eating, and identity.  It is vitally important for you to develop stronger unity between your heart and mind so you can hear and decipher your body's constant "messages".  Whole Heart-Mind addresses topics like emotional eating, binge eating, cravings, inner hunger, body image, personal story, emotional trauma, your thoughts, emotions and words, the influence of neurotransmitters, blood sugar imbalances, and how you interpret and perceive your experience.  Each of these factors impacts and shapes your sense of wholeness, all the way down to your genetic transcription.



Steady Progression

Steady Progression (SP) is what it takes to maintain "cruising altitude" once you are in flight—it requires a continuous supply of the right kind of fuel, constant awareness, communication with the "air traffic controllers" in your life, and staying vigilant for obstacles.  SP is your persistent effort, daily self-care, continuous learning, curiosity, and resilience in the face of chronic challenges, after you have made the decision to leap—because self care is a life long commitment!  It is also about staying patient and focusing on the process, not only the desired outcome.  This means maintaining your internal endurance and sticking with it despite any accompanying stress, discomfort, new symptoms, or vulnerabilities that arise.  It is about slowing down and being present in a digital world that is moving faster than our biology—enough to experience the ebb and flow of natural cycles in your organism and universe.  

You need Drive to do anything you have never tried before, like change professions, go on a first date, or cut out the white sugar that you have been addicted to for years!  Drive is about having the guts to leap into a new paradigm, the courage to challenge your own boundaries and resistance, the willingness to shift away from detrimental patterns and habits.  And have trust in your own guidance and knowledge needed to move forward even when there are naysayers.  It is about choosing self care, and actively participating in your own well-being.

Drive is like the surge of energy needed for an airplane to lift off and head toward its destination.  It is also about answering to your innate "appetite" to heal, to nourish, to learn, and to evolve as who you are by "diving in", despite fear, overwhelm, and unknown outcomes.


Ageless Wisdom

Ageless Wisdom (AW) comes from every source of truth that has stood the test of time.  It tells us that we are One, that no one is an island, and that it takes all of us to shift our lives together.  As you develop a healthier and more honest relationship with you through ZM, you naturally begin to view yourself in relationship to the world around you, and to engage in the wellness of others and this earth.  Because we are truly socially "contagious" creatures, we can make a difference in one another's health, environment, socioeconomics, and also nurture hope for our shared future. 

AW helps you to offer generous listening without judgement, shame, or arrogance whenever personal stories (our own Hero's Journey) are being shared.  As you work through ZM, you become more empathetic to what surrounds you, and develop a deeper sense of your purpose.  AW is also about inter-generational conversation, inter-cultural learning, collaboration, co-creation, and cooperation.  You realize that you don't have to do everything.  You just need to do what only you can. 

And this is where your journey with AW may simply begin with you breaking free of "limitations" and "expectations" you have amassed from your personal history, culture, family, and society.  Finally, you can experience who you are, so you can stay compassionate with others that are going through their own individual challenges.   

AW does NOT require you to become a spiritual master, isolate yourself in the mountains, or disconnect from life around you.  Instead, it invites you to become more integrated in the world as a full human being, so you can live spiritually with your feet firmly planted on the ground.

Inner Guidance

Here, you take your work from Wholeness and Movement into your inner arena, where you begin to "nourish", trust, and live in accordance with your soul.  IG is about being kind, becoming friends with yourself again, and honoring your inner voice, so you can listen to your deepest needs, your desires and calling, and awaken to your life's purpose.  You value yourself first because your outer life is built upon the foundation of your inner world. You can't just "out-run" your bad eating habits with more exercise or meditation.  And you can't "out-eat", your chronically stressful lifestyle with the "perfect diet".  

You must shift your attitude and point of focus in everyday activity.  When you "practice" yoga or meditation, or prepare nutritious meals for yourself and your loved ones, it is not just because these acts are "good" for you.  You do them because they enhance your patience, healing, inner flexibility, and growth, and allow you to stay calm and present to whatever is before you, even in the midst of turmoil.  After removing, shedding, and detoxing what is harmful and unnecessary, it is now about adding back more rest without guilt, spaciousness, and much needed contemplative time for connecting with your inner wisdom and whole-heartedness.  It's about learning how to be you by seeing your own courage and worthiness beyond your personal pain and vulnerability. 



Essence of Self

Essence of Self is about your individual EXQUISITENESS—your Divine Nature—that cannot be reached through mind or intellectual understanding.  Yet by activating the 3 Qualities above—Wholeness, Movement, and Goodness, which involve your body and mind—you greatly enhance your ability and likelihood to experience Essence of Self directly. 

This is not to say that Essence of Self cannot be spontaneously experienced, since it is always present.  But with a healthier physical body, a stronger heart and mind connection, commitment and perseverance to moving through the lessons in life, and compassion and love for yourself and others, you increase your capacity to experience the exquisiteness that is expressed through your entire being.   

Essence of Self is also the unique creative expression surging through you, that you are being called to answer to and surrender to.  Like nature, this creative energy cannot be controlled, explained, contained, predicted, replicated, or stopped.  You stand as an EXEMPLAR of exquisiteness that has never been before and will never be again. 

Become the Expert of You, and shine your incomparable light so brightly that others can’t help but do the same.  

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