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Jan. 14-
Feb. 4, 2018!

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Whole Person Reset


Ready to Connect With All THat You Are?

It's time to Become the Expert of You!


Learn how daily habits of self-care help you energize, focus, connect body-heart-mind-spirit, and revitalize your life on all levels!

Each of us is a whole person, not a collection of broken pieces!

Don’t miss out on the 2018 launch!

The doors close in…


Program runs January 14-February 4, 2018

What makes the Whole Person Reset different from other Cleanse, Detox, Diet, or 21-day programs?

As Nutritional and Yoga Therapists, we firmly believe in supporting the Foundations of health, such as:  properly prepared nutrient-dense meals; proper digestion; movement, stillness; gratitude; reflection; and contemplation.

As fellow human beings, we also believe in love, laughter, and having fun as we try new things, make mistakes, and humbly learn in a safe, non-judgemental, and supportive space!

Our ultimate goal is for you to “Become the Expert of You” through an integrative approach to living life as a whole person.


The purpose of this program is to help you nourish and connect your body, heart, mind, and spirit in the midst of your hectic daily life through integrative reset practices.

The Whole Person Reset is a Lifestyle wellness program based on science, proven methods, self-love and kindness.

The Whole Person Reset is NOT focused on short-term results, drastic weight loss, self-judgment, or a deprivation-starvation diet.

The Whole Person Reset is designed to help you experience your Wholeness in meaningful ways through focused observation, inquiry, knowledge, intuition, and daily practice.

Is the Whole Person Reset for Me?

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Reset is for YOU if you are:

  • Willing to show up, actively participate, and take responsibility for your own day-to-day growth
  • Feeling stuck in various areas of life—health, emotions, relationships, work, etc., despite countless hours spent “working on” yourself. 
  • Needing simple daily practices to have more stable and steady energy, focus, sleep, digestion, and elimination. 
  • Excited and willing to try out new foods, menus, and ways of cooking and eating, without becoming dogmatic
  • Curious to explore your profound body-heart-mind-spirit connection, and hone a stronger intuitive awareness. 
  • Yearning for community that can support and reflect your inner light
  • Wanting to experience goodness, beauty, and healing in yourself and support it in others
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Reset is NOT for you if you are:

  • Simply collecting information rather than taking action
  • Looking for a quick fix, rapid weight loss, and/or short-term symptom alleviation without addressing your overall health and underlying causes of your discomforts
  • Looking for a short-term detox, a weekend juice cleanse, or other restrictive diet that is popular right now
  • Not willing to shop and prepare at least SOME of your meals at home, and only want someone to tell you what to do
  • Uninterested in experiencing how Food is Medicine, Food is Information, and Food is Energy for your body
  • Not open to the concept that we are a culmination of our history, experiences, environment, foods we eat, air we breathe, thoughts, emotions, and connection to the greater unknown  

4 Live Support Calls

The Whole Person Reset features 4 live 1-hour Webinar/Phone sessions at each critical point of the Program!  

Each Live Call will begin with a brief presentation on our chosen theme and then open to questions and sharing from participants.  All Live Call sessions will be recorded and posted on the Whole Person Reset Page.



When: Sunday, January 14, 2018 at 10:00 AM MST

Whole Person Reset Launch call!  

This call reviews the scope and approach of the Program.  It is your chance to ask questions, state goals, and share support with the new Community.

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Deep Dive

When: Sunday, January 21, 2018 at 10:00 AM MST

The second Live Call wraps up the Preparation phase and gears up for the 10 day Deep Dive, where you will take on the changes you have committed to making.

It is important to prepare mentally, emotionally, spatially, nutritionally, and spiritually to face You in a whole new way.



When: Wednesday, January 31, 2018 at 7:00 PM MST

The third Live Call happens at the end of the Deep Dive.  We will cover some key points around maintaining the mindset of Wholeness as you return into daily life.  How will you carry forward what you have learned from the Reset process?  What do you still need to tweak or master?  What support do you still need, and what areas of your life do you want to continue to focus on? 



When: Sunday, February 4, 2018 at 10:00 AM MST

The final Live Call wraps up the three week Reset process.  We will hear from you about how your journey felt, what bumps and triumphs you experienced, and how your perspective has shifted.

Program Flow

The 21-day Whole Person Reset unfolds in 3 Phases

I. Preparation

7 days

  • Take stock of your life:  the good, the stressful, and the unnecessary (what can be de-cluttered) 
  • Clear your cupboards, kitchen, and refrigerator of toxic, allergenic, unseasonal foods and ingredients
  • Replenish your space with what nourishes you
  • Reassess toxic relationships with people, work, and obligations
  • Introduce Morning and Evening Rituals for lasting energy, restorative sleep, natural vitality
  • Create a Sacred Space to reset

II. Deep Dive

10 days

  • Practice intuitive, deep listening for subtle, yet profound inner needs
  • Learn signs and symptoms of your physical requirements
  • Take time to connect with your inner Sacredness
  • Practice mindful cooking and eating
  • Balance metabolic energy and nervous system
  • Pamper your microbes with probiotic foods and supplements
  • Introduce gentle restorative movements & breathing practices 
  • Establish daily detox and cleanse that can last your lifetime.  

III. Re-Entry

4 days

  • Establish lasting support and community
  • Use nutritional knowledge and lifestyle information as a building block for lasting health and wellness.
  • Notice the "noise" of daily living and stay connected with your inner stillness
  • Remember your sacredness
  • Reinforce daily rituals that support and nourish you as a Whole Person
  • Maintain and adjust your daily practice without becoming dogmatic
  • Elevate your nourishing routine to the level of your Daily Religion
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Struggling alone to make personal changes can be difficult and frustrating.  

Take this journey with like-minded people committed to living life as a Whole Person. 




Take this powerful step now!



Choose your plan

Early Bird Special:  $50 OFF any plan through January 3, 2018

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  • 4 Live phone / webinar support sessions (recorded) for Launch, Deep Dive, Re-Entry, and Finale
  • Guided support to connect Body, Heart, and Mind and build new supportive habits for 2018 and beyond!
  • Private Facebook group for Q&A and Community support
  • PDF handouts
  • Food, Mood, Energy Journal worksheet downloads
  • Nutrition, digestion, and lifestyle recommendations
  • Shopping lists, Recipes, Meal  recommendations
  • De-cluttering checklists
  • Guided meditations and movement practices
  • Guiding Questions for personal inquiry
  • Morning and Evening Rituals for Whole Person integration
  • Sleep hygiene guidelines
  • And MORE...


($147 for Early Birds)


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Basic + Cleanse

Everything in Basic


  • Powerful new cutting-edge, science based 15-Day Metabolic Cleanse Program from Biotics Research (the pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplement line we use personally and feature in our Zenshin Institute wellness programs)
  • Includes nutrients targeted for digestive, antioxidant, and liver support
  • Packaged in an easy-to-use form for each daily dosage
  • Provides Cleanse protocols and detailed instruction booklet
  • Includes shaker bottle
  • FREE shipping!

*Only available in the USA due to shipping restrictions on Cleanse products

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($297 for Early Birds)

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Everything in the Basic + Cleanse package


Whole Person Renewal 1-Month program, ($799 value) including:

  • 3 personal sessions
    • 2-hour Initial session (in-person or phone)
    • 75-minute phone consultation for HTMA*
    • 90-minute followup at end of month (in-person or phone)
  • *Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) lab test with personalized followup consultation (see above)
  • Personalized nutritional, supplement, and lifestyle protocols
  • Daily Food-Mood-Energy Journals
  • Online questionnaire at the beginning and end of process to track progress
  • Email support for 1 month

*Only available in the USA due to shipping restrictions on Cleanse products

(Save an extra $147!)


($949 for Early Birds)

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In the words of a zenshin client:

When I first consulted Chris and Masami, I was suffering a host of physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual dis-ease. Painfully aware only of the physical, I just wanted to feel better. Through applying their wisdom at home I felt much better within a couple of weeks.  But it turns out the physical “feeling better” is just the beginning of a much broader wellness. This “coming into one’s wholeness” is the real work Chris and Masami perform and facilitate through their dynamic and evolving process.

— Dee C., Arvada, CO

About Masami & Chris


Chris & Masami Covey are international speakers, teachers, writers, and founders of Zenshin Institute in the Denver area.  As Zenshin Guides and certified Nutritional Therapists (NTPs), they focus on balancing whole-person health & development through nutrition, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, movement, spiritual exploration, and lifestyle.

Masami, a master Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) and E-RYT-500 teacher-trainer, holds a Masters in International Business.

Chris, a former PreK-12 teacher and vice principal, holds a Masters degree in Educational Psychology and Learning.

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