Zenshin Follow-Up Coaching Session (Phone OR In-Person)


Zenshin Follow-Up Coaching Session (Phone OR In-Person)


Zenshin Follow-Up Coaching Sessions are to support ongoing work with our established clients and with newer clients who have already completed the Whole Person Renewal Startup Package.

We have found that clients benefit most from Follow-Up Coaching sessions every 3-6 weeks to track individual progress and new developments as the body reveals new layers..

Follow-up sessions include:

  • 90-minute phone support OR 90+ minute in-person session (for Denver-area residents by appointment)
  • Personalized practices and recommendations to address Body-Mind-Spirit (nutrition, movements, stillness, stress reduction techniques, breathing, etc.)  
  • Online Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire
  • Review of a 5-Day Food-Mood Journal
  • Review of individual questions and concerns prior to the session
  • Email/text support
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