Ongoing Intuitive Coaching Session (75 minutes)


Ongoing Intuitive Coaching Session (75 minutes)


Health Intuitive Ongoing Coaching Sessions are to support clients seeking in-depth guidance, on symptom assessment, personalized diet and lifestyle recommendations. This coaching option is for clients who have completed the 40-Day Whole Person Program.

We recommend ongoing Coaching sessions every 3-4 weeks to track individual progress and new developments as the body-mind-spirit matrix reveals its layers.

75-minute follow-up sessions include:

  • 75-minute phone support

  • One (1) Online Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NutriQ)

  • Review of individual questions and concerns

  • Personalized practices and recommendations to address Body-Mind-Spirit (nutrition, movements, stillness, stress reduction techniques, meditation, breathing, etc.)

  • Supplement recommendations* (*nutritional supplements are an additional cost)

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