1-Month Nutritional Support for Kids, with HTMA

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Kids Nutritional Re-balancing Package.png

1-Month Nutritional Support for Kids, with HTMA


Best for Ages 4-12

Payment plans available upon request.

The Nutritional Revival for Kids Package is a powerful way to support and nourish your child's natural development, and help them to shine at their brightest.

Be prepared to make at least a 1-month commitment to your child's and your household's nutrition and lifestyle patterns.

You will learn to help your child:

  • Listen to their body
  • Make new connections between food, mood, relaxation, energy and behavior patterns
  • Identify daily practices and foods that will most support their body
  • Recognize subtle signals that tell them what they need right now

The Nutritional Revival for Kids Package includes:

  • A 60-minute initial in-person or phone/Skype consultation to review your child's history and needs
  • One HTMA lab test with hair collection kit and protocol
  • Detailed online health, nutrition, and symptom questionnaire about your child
  • 75-minute phone analysis of your child's HTMA lab results
  • Personalized nutritional supplement* recommendations, based on HTMA results and other assessments
  • Nutritional and Lifestyle recommendations based on your child's Metabolic Type
  • One 60-minute followup session to reassess progress and make additional recommendations
  • Review of three 5-Day Food-Mood Journals during your child's Revival Month
  • Review of individual questions prior to each coaching session
  • Up to 2 email exchanges between sessions
  • Individualized recommendations for your child and practices for you to support their process
  • Additional resources on request for specific topics (ADHD, allergies, low energy, etc.)
  • *Nutrtiional supplements are in addition to the package services
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