40-Day Program with HTMA (Best Value)


40-Day Program with HTMA (Best Value)


The Whole Person 40-Day Health Intuitive Coaching Program is the BEST way to jump-start your return to a healthy, energized, balanced body.

Be prepared to make 40 Day commitment to this intensive dive into Becoming the Expert of You by focusing on nutrition, lifestyle patterns, and honing on intuitive listening.

You will learn to:

  • Listen to your body and decipher it’s language

  • Cultivate and hone the Intuitive Gift

  • Connect with yourself as a Whole Person

  • Make new connections between food, mood, and life patterns

  • Identify practices, foods, and supplements that will most support your body

  • Recognize subtle signals that tell what you need right now

The Whole Person 40-Day Health Intuitive Coaching Program includes:

  • One 90-minute initial phone support session to establish your re-balancing protocols (Initial Email with detailed information will be sent prior to this call)

  • One Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) lab test

  • 75-minute phone session to review HTMA test results and make additional personalized food, supplement*, and lifestyle recommendations (*nutritional supplements are an additional cost)

  • 50-minute Touch Base Coaching Session by phone to answer your questions (usually done between the initial session and your HTMA call)

  • One 75-minute Follow-up Coaching Session by phone

  • Review of two (2) Online Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (The results will be Emailed to you)

  • Review of In-Depth Initial Interview Form

  • Review of up to three "5-Day Food-Mood-Energy Journal" during the Revival month

  • 1 Email exchange between sessions with individual questions & concerns

  • Each Coaching Session provides highly personalized practices and recommendations to address Body-Mind-Spirit (nutrition, movements, stillness, stress reduction techniques, meditation, breathing, intuitive information, etc.)

  • Access to the Client Page for resources, recipes, home testing, PDFs, etc.

  • Total of 5 hours via phone session + Email support

    Payment plans may be available upon request. Contact us for more details.

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