Health Intuitive Coaching Session: See the Big Picture (55 minutes)

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Health Intuitive Coaching Session: See the Big Picture (55 minutes)


Health Intuitive Coaching Sessions are for anyone seeking insights into their health and wellbeing from an intuitive, biological, and practical perspective.

55-minute sessions are designed as a check in on what is happening right now and provide a big-picture overview of patterns, attitudes, mindsets and energetic influences impacting one’s health and wellbeing. Basic nutritional supplement recommendations may be provided to support immediate bodily functions; however, these sessions are NOT intended to pinpoint in-depth protocols or specific nutrient deficiencies (see 40-Day Whole Person Program for this kind of intensive deep-dive).

Health Intuitive Sessions include:

  • 55-minute phone session

  • Address individual questions and concerns

  • Personalized practices and recommendations to address Body-Mind-Spirit (nutrition, movements, stillness, stress reduction techniques, meditation breathing, supplements*, etc.) *nutritional supplements are an additional cost to the session

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