15-Day Metabolic Cleanse Program (Self-Guided)

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15-Day Metabolic Cleanse Program (Self-Guided)


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The World Health Organization and the National Cancer Institute have determined that toxic chemicals in our food, water, and air are responsible for 60-80% of all cancers.

Our bodies could easily detoxify from small amounts of toxic exposures, but we are bombarded daily with greater and greater exposure.  Our livers and whole systems need help to remove the toxic accumulations!

This 15-day self-guided and simple to use cleanse program is designed for Clients who wish to work on eliminating toxic accumulations in their system by supporting natural detox functions of the body.

This Kit is up to 25% OFF from purchasing the individual supplement components separately, and includes exclusive detox protocol instructions.

The 15-Day Metabolic Cleanse Program contains:

  • 30 packets NutriClear Plus meal replacement powder (new and improved metabolic clearing formula from Biotics Research)

  • 30 BioDetox Packs (30 individual packets of mixed detox-supporting supplements)

  • 1 Biotics Research Blender Bottle

  • Detailed program instruction book with dietary guidelines

Price includes direct shipping within the USA only from time of fulfillment (delivery time varies by location).

DISCLAIMER:  This is a self-guided program for current clients of Zenshin Institute in the USA only (including clients who have had in-person, phone, or video sessions within the past 12 months).  Purchasers further acknowledge that they have consulted with a licensed healthcare practitioner prior to beginning this program, and furthermore accept all responsibility for completion and results of the Bio-Detoxification Program.  Contact us about how to become a Zenshin Institute client if you are not one already and would like to enroll in our programs.  

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