Zenshin Method (ZM)

ZM aims to nourish and connect our physical experience with the fullness of our human potential, through the Integrative practices of the 4 Zenshin Qualities:  WHOLENESS, MOVEMENT, GOODNESS, and ESSENCE.

Become the Expert of YOU

Ultimately this is what the ZM framework is about.  Because only you hold the key to the highest expression of you.  Not someone else.  It's your unique task and responsibility to find out what this means.  And the good news is that no one else can know you better, because you're the one that has always been YOU.

Help Along the Way

It's very beneficial to receive some guidance from someone with experience when you're first tackling something new—playing the piano, learning to fly-fish, or applying a framework like ZM. 

Shifting old patterns and implementing new habits takes time and requires your full attention and participation.  ZM supports this process, guides you through challenges where you might get stuck alone, and shows you how to live from the wholeness of who you are, so you can find your way back HOME.   

ZM is a FRAMEWORK for:

  • Navigating different layers, systems and aspects of your whole life—through body, mind, heart, spirit, community, environment, etc.

  • Supporting your journey back to lasting physical health through daily nutrition, education, self-care practices, digestion, detox, mineral support, metabolic balance

  • Guiding you to develop deeper awareness of your embodied being through listening, movement, stillness, self-knowledge.

  • Diving deeply & becoming actively involved in who you are

  • Connecting heart-mind, and experiencing goodness in yourself and in others

  • Seeing and experiencing the true essence of who you are that has always been and will continue to be with you

ZM is NOT about:

  • A bottomless quest for “self- improvement” or permanent fixes

  • Using nutritional supplements as a substitute for daily self-care

  • Passive learning, where you are simply receiving care

  • A weekend "detox", short-term "cleanse", or other "fad"/"dogmatic" diet

  • A one-size-fits-all solution, because we are all biologically individual

  • Constant seeking for "quick fixes", "symptom suppressants" and easy answers

  • Shallow level knowledge, tools, and practices for convenience

  • A short-cut to health and/or "enlightenment"

  • Symptom alleviation—without first addressing the underlying factors that show up in daily diet, lifestyle, attitude, etc.


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