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Living Spiritually with Your Feet on the Ground, Round 2

  • Mercury Cafe 2199 California St. Denver, CO 80205 (map)

This week:  Feminine and masculine forms of spiritual expression

Series Overview:  What is this all about?

No one ever promised us easy living, but that doesn’t mean it has to be any harder than is absolutely necessary! With the right insights and practice, you can stop being your own worst enemy, and wake up to the joyful connection and fulfillment that is available to you at every moment.

Just imagine the difference!

Meetings will be every other Saturday from 9:30-10:30am at Denver's own Mercury Cafe (Jungle Room) from January 14-March 25, 2017.

Check our Zenshin Meetup page for details.

Who's it for?

This series is particularly intended for those on their journey who are beginning to confront some Big Questions or Doubts—perhaps it's a new phase of life, new work or new responsibilities, feeling a growing distance with family, or needing to move beyond old ways of thinking and living.

What's required?

First and foremost is a willingness to be open to new learning with an attitude of sincerity. Once the door to wisdom is opened and you pass through, it is these qualities that will keep you on your path. Also, a commitment to attend is important. The work is progressive, and the group size is kept small by design.

Types of Questions we'll explore

  • How can I support my body and sustain lasting health?
  • How can I keep up and stay afloat in this crazy, breakneck-speed world?
  • How can I find what it is that I'm here to do in this life?

This ongoing gathering offers a unique opportunity to explore questions about life's purpose and meaning, and to learn ways to experience clarity, calmness, and joy amidst all of the noise and distractions.  Learn different ways you can inhabit every aspect of your life as a single unfolding process: physical, emotional, mental, psychological—and yes, spiritual.

The format will include:

  • Supportive practices
  • Q&A
  • Lots of discussion

From feeding our bodies to nourishing our hearts, minds, and spirits, no sincere question is out-of-bounds for discussion in this supportive environment.  Through a dynamic, interactive small group setting, we will work experientially with a range of materials and exercises.

Bring your questions and we look forward to seeing you!

$5 suggested donation collected at the door.

Check our Zenshin Meetup page for details.

About the facilitator

Chris Covey is a health educator, co-founder of Zenshin Institute, and a trained Guide in the Open Path, a nonsectarian approach to living an embodied life using all of our inner resources. His interests range from Sufi poetry and Japanese hot springs to Colorado trails and nutritional supplements.

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