Before You See The Doctor (Or Us!)…

Make sure you are doing these basic steps of self-care.

You know that feeling when you suddenly experience a persistent pain or see a cluster of red spots appearing on your skin.  Maybe panic sets in.  Your imagination might run wild.  Is it serious?  Will it get worse?  Could it be…fatal??

This kind of worst-case-scenario thinking is a normal but outsized function of our reptile brains trying to protect us from dangers.  It’s often referred to in psychology as our “Negativity Bias”.  

But we can also use our higher-order brain functions to calm our fears and look more deeply at what is actually going on.  Since there are abundant studies available now confirming that upwards of 90% of our health risks (such as cancer) are determined by factors OUTSIDE of our bodies, that gives us the green light to look closely at our diet and lifestyles.  

Checklist:  Are my diet and lifestyle helping or hurting me?

Use this checklist as a quick way to assess if you are covering the bare minimum components of your own self-care BEFORE you race to the doctor (or query us) about symptoms.  

If you are not taking these basic steps daily, they are almost certainly contributing to your symptoms.  If you genuinely feel like your symptoms are life-threatening, by all means visit your local ER.  If not, hit pause for a few days and see if you can notice positive changes from increasing your level of attention to self-care.

You can do this!

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