Think Fungus!

If you have symptoms that don’t get better with conventional treatments, Think Fungus.  That’s what the CDC says.  

Here at Zenshin Institute, we focus a lot on fungi, yeast, and mold, especially this time of the year with clients having sinus problems, weight gain, skin rashes, fatigue, and allergies.    


So many people are taking antibiotics regularly, but not seeing any difference until they start on an anti-fungal protocol, like the one we recommend using targeted supplements, diet, and probiotics.   One client this week told us that he has only felt worse since he has been taking prescription antibiotics for his sinus “infection".  It bears repeating one more time: if the symptoms aren’t improving with the treatment, Think Fungus!

For all of you science lovers and skeptics, we thought it is worth sharing one of many scientific studies on fungi (yeast and mold as well) that play a central role in health problems like sinus infections.    

Chronic Sinusitis:  In 1999, Mayo Clinic researchers said that sinus infections are an immune response to fungus.  Common symptoms are runny nose, nasal congestion, loss of smell, and headaches.  The researchers studied 210 patients with chronic sinusitis and found fungus in 96 percent of them and a total of 40 different kinds of fungi.  

The question that we may need to ask is this— if fungus is the overwhelming cause of sinus issues, then will taking anti-biotics which kill good and bad bacteria (but not the fungus) address the real problem?  

We think not.  And this is why we do anti-fungal protocols a couple of times per year for our own health as well to maintain a healthy microbiome in our sinuses, throats, and ears as well.  




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