Health Is More Than Just Hitting The "Easy" Button

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the benefits of optimal health and wellness at the push of a button? 

Or savor the time it frees up when you don’t have to be running constantly to doctors, pharmacies and specialists for yourself or your family?

In our clinical work at Zenshin Institute, we see a lot of clients who, like most people, would much prefer a quick fix or an “easy” solution to their exhaustion, physical and emotional discomforts, or illnesses.  We don’t blame them! 

Recovering your health after a long decline can seem like an impossible mountain to scale.  But as with anything worthwhile in life, optimal health also requires us to work for it—as long as we’re alive.  Unlike an 8-5 job, or a degree program you can graduate from, you can’t just punch out or collect your certificate of completion when it comes to your health!

There is no single pill, panacea, or silver bullet that can knock out all of our struggles at once.  It all takes time to unfold.  So if you are feeling overwhelmed already, just remember that ancient Chinese proverb that has graced refrigerator magnets everywhere: 

Even the longest journey begins with a single step.

Simply put, there is no quick fix to the pileup of health concerns that have accumulated over our lifetimes.  If we want a different or improved state of health than the one we currently experience, we have to do things differently.  We have to work for it.

In our free email course below, we share what we consider to be some of the most basic steps along this journey.

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We consider these 7 Steps to be the Basics of the healing journey because they are absolutely fundamental to the process.  They can’t be skipped.  But sadly, many of them are so SIMPLE that they don’t excite much interest in our novelty-loving brains! 

It’s true:  Some of the most important steps you can take to support your health reside in the most commonplace, mundane details of your daily life.

“Simple things” like food choices, hydration, sleep, stress management, and daily movement may seem almost too routine or boring to be significant, but they are the very ground from which our health grows and takes shape. 

This is why we emphasize the importance of “Lifestyle Medicine”.  What it boils down to is this:  Lifestyle is essentially all of the little things you do every day, added up over time.  In other words, for good or ill, everything we do, especially what we do routinely, accumulates and has long-term consequences to our overall health (and our life).

Simple tasks, many times.
— Japanese Zen description of the path to enlightenment (and health)

Getting to know your own patterns and how they affect your health and your entire life is powerful medicine, but it requires developing at least three important skills:

  1. Listening deeply and compassionately to your body’s signs and signals

  2. Learning to respond to the signs and signals as appropriately as possible

  3. Staying curious long enough to see how everything is connected…

Learn to manage the basic daily details of your life with discipline, dedication, kindness, and love, and you will discover the ultimate “health hack”. 

The rest is fine-tuning.

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