A "Diet" Tip

“Diet” in Ancient Greek meant your “daily way of living”.

We often say to our clients that weight loss is a common side effect of Zenshin Method Whole Body work, but not our main goal—even though some of them do come and see us because they want to shed some pounds.  But in every case, regardless of the complaint or concern, we address the individual’s nutrition, heavy metal toxicity, mineral balance, adrenal health, stress, and more, and most of our recommendations are very simple.  

One of them is this—Eat your largest meal (calorically) at lunch.  

For years, I have lived by what my Ayurveda teacher taught me about portions of each meal:  Eat like a Queen for Breakfast; Eat like a King for Lunch; and Eat like a Servant for Dinner.  It means to eat your largest portion of food at lunch rather than dinner.  

This way of life is not only beneficial for maintaining healthy weight, but it is also helpful for your digestive system and your sleep, because your body is not still trying to digest your largest meal of the day (dinner, in most cases) at 10:00pm while you are trying to go to sleep.  

You can read about a recent study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that showed that the consumption of higher energy intake at lunch instead of dinner resulted in more weight loss in overweight and obese women.

We often suggest that our clients eat “supper” instead of “dinner”.  

Supper, the word seldom used after the 1950s, had the right idea.  It is an evening meal that is light and consisted of easy to digest foods like bone broth and soup.  

Unless you are planning on running a marathon at 9:00pm, ask yourself this question tonight: “Do I really need to eat my largest meal at dinner when I plan to sit for the rest of the evening?”  So, give supper a try instead of having your largest meal (the definition of Dinner) at your final mealtime of the day.

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