Back Pain: A Sign of Nutritional Imbalances?

The answer to this question is resounding YES!

In fact one of the pivotal moments in our commitment to incorporating proper nutrition into our Zenshin framework came when we learned how poor nutrition—especially seen in adrenal exhaustion and mineral imbalances—contributes to abnormal body structures, increased ligament laxity, and the breakdown of connective tissues.   

Many people struggle with lower back pain and tightness, as well as instability in the sacrum/hip area.  But simply doing yoga poses, stretches, massages, getting regular chiropractic adjustments, or acupuncture will only give you temporary relief, because these symptoms are generally not just structural, but also the result of nutritional deficiencies and long-term (chronic) effects of stress on the body.  Therefore, this “back and hip pain” can be supported effectively through proper nutrition, especially with an emphasis on the adrenals and blood sugar handling, which help manage stress in your system. 

Conditions like:

  • chronic lower back pain

  • overall tightness and stiffness

  • TMJ or clenching teeth

  • difficulty maintaining or having pain after manipulative corrections

  • tendencies for “shin splints”

  • instability in the sacrum/hip area

  • joints popping and clicking

  • morning tightness in the body

  • alignment issues

all have roots in nutritional deficiencies.  For example, it is a well-established fact that vitamin D deficiency can lead to bone loss and chronic joint pain (source).

We believe that it is important to stretch your body, stand up regularly, and move often.  Likewise, massages, acupuncture, and chiropractic adjustments are all important and necessary at times.  However, the positive effects of bodywork and other healing modalities often don’t “stick” (or they are just are short-lived), until Nutritional Foundations like digestion, hydration, elimination, sleep, stress management, and client’s body chemistry are addressed and balanced. 

In the Zenshin process, we find that the majority of us are deficient and depleted of vital nutrients, in addition to routinely experiencing “common but not normal” symptoms like:

  • dehydration

  • poor sleep

  • poor digestion

  • slow detoxification

  • accumulation and effects of toxic heavy metals

  • and much more

All of these symptoms contribute to physical stress manifesting into some type of “pain” or “illness” and can eventually become a diagnosable “disease” if left unattended. 

There are countless reasons why so many of us are experiencing these stressors, from minerally exhausted soils, toxic chemicals sprayed during food production, to our “go-go-go” lifestyle that gets fueled by artificial lighting and social pressure. 

It is difficult for any of us to escape this reality, but we can learn to live and thrive within it.   

This is why, whenever we work with our clients, we first address the nutritional foundations and focus on root causes, even if you had originally come to see us for your lower back pain.  Because only then can we support your body's natural ability to reverse its symptoms and heal, as opposed to giving “quick fixes” that will soon leave you right back where you started. 

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