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we offer four types of services, in addition to our international educational workshops.

1-Month Nutritional Therapy revival, with HTMA

Payment plans available upon request.

The Nutritional Revival Package, which includes a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) test, is the best way to "connect the dots" and jump-start your return to a healthy, energized, and balanced body.

This is a multi-tiered approach to supporting the integrated body-mind-spirit system through a foundation of nutrition, daily practice, and knowledge-building.

Be prepared to make at least a 1-month commitment to this intensive dive into Becoming the Expert of You by focusing on nutrition and lifestyle patterns.

Service includes:

  • A 2-hour initial in-person or phone/Skype consultation 
  • One HTMA lab test
  • Detailed online health and symptom questionnaire
  • Hair collection kit and protocol
  • 75-90-minute phone analysis of HTMA lab results
  • Nutritional and Lifestyle recommendations based on your Metabolic Type
  • Personalized nutritional supplement* recommendations
  • One 90-minute followup Zenshin Coaching session
  • Online Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire
  • In-depth initial interview form
  • Review of three 5-Day Food-Mood Journals during your Revival Month
  • Review of individual questions prior to each coaching session
  • Up to 2 email exchanges between sessions
  • Each Coaching session provides individualized recommendations and practices


*Nutritional supplements are an additional cost to all services


Zenshin Coaching Ongoing Sessions

After our clients have completed their commitment to the intensive 1-month Nutritional Revival process, our work together has just begun.

Not only does the body reveal its needs and challenges gradually, like layers of an onion, but healing and re-balancing both take TIME.  It could be weeks, months, or even years, but the body will respond in kind when it is supported.

Our ongoing Zenshin Method Coaching Sessions provide a trusting, safe, and supportive space for our clients to explore changes in their bodies and lives as they emerge and unfold into deeper, often more spiritual dimensions. 

Two Options:

  • 60-minute phone support ($139)
  • 90-minute phone OR in-person support ($199)

1-Month Nutritional Therapy revival for kids, with HTMA

Best for Ages 4-12

Payment plans available upon request.

Does your child struggle with focus, energy, sleep, digestion, allergies, sugar cravings, anxiety, mood swings, or other chronic health conditions?  

Nutritional Revival for Kids is a powerful way to connect your child's diet, levels of nutrient minerals and toxic elements, cognitive functions, stress, and behavioral patterns.

Support your child's optimal development through simple daily practices, food choices, and personalized nutritional supplements that promote a strong body and mind, joyful learning, awareness, and self-regulation.

You will learn to help your child:

  • Listen to their body
  • Make new connections between food, mood, relaxation, energy and behavior patterns
  • Identify daily practices and foods that support their body
  • Recognize body signals that tell them what they need right now

Service includes:

  • A 60-minute initial in-person or phone/Skype consultation to review your child's history and needs
  • One HTMA lab test with hair collection kit and protocol
  • Detailed online health, nutrition, and symptom questionnaire about your child
  • 75-minute phone analysis of your child's HTMA lab results
  • Personalized nutritional supplement* recommendations, based on HTMA results and other assessments
  • Nutritional and Lifestyle recommendations based on your child's Metabolic Type
  • One 60-minute followup session to reassess progress and make additional recommendations
  • Review of three 5-Day Food-Mood Journals during your child's Revival Month
  • Review of individual questions prior to each coaching session
  • Up to 2 email exchanges between sessions
  • Individualized recommendations for your child and practices for you to support their process
  • Additional resources on request for specific topics (ADHD, allergies, low energy, etc.)


*Nutritional supplements are an additional cost to all services


Hair tissue mineral analysis & followup Consultation

HTMA is the premiere lab test for identifying the body's unique levels of nutrient minerals, indicating deficiencies, and offering powerful insights into re-balancing the body through nutrition. 

HTMA also identifies toxic metals, like mercury and aluminum, that block or impair the healthy metabolic function. 

Unlike blood testing (a snapshot of the moment), where mineral levels constantly change and are not indicative of the body's tissue mineral status, hair tissue provides a stable view of the body's tissue mineral status for up to several months at a time.  With this information, we can offer supportive protocols that reflect each person's bio-individual needs.

Service includes:

  • HTMA lab test
  • Hair collection kit and protocol
  • 75-minute phone analysis of lab results
  • Nutritional and Lifestyle recommendations based on your Metabolic Type
  • Personalized nutritional supplement* recommendations

$249 (returning clients)

$369 (new clients)

Common Issues We Support

  • Gastrointestinal issues:  gas, bloating, acid reflux, indigestion
  • Depression, anxiety, irritability, anger, emotional trauma, mood swings, lack of focus and concentration
  • Runny or drippy nose, chronic sinus issues, mucus, cough
  • Stress
  • Attention Deficit and Cognition, memory loss, foggy mind
  • Hormonal Issues
  • Female health concerns:  PMS, Hormonal imbalance, Primenopause and menopause
  • Male health concerns
  • Reduced Libido
  • Adrenal exhaustion and Thyroid disregulation
  • Blood Sugar dysregulation/Insulin Resistance
  • Pre and post surgery support
  • Pre-chemo, during chemo, and post-chemo
  • Environmental and seasonal allergies
  • Food allergies, sensitivities, and intolerance
  • Overactive or under-active immune function
  • Range of motion and flexibility, scar tissue release
  • Muscle re-education
  • Fatigue/Chronic fatigue, low energy
  • Weight gain/loss, weight maintenance
  • Chronic dieting, binge eating, emotional eating, orthorexia, loss of appetite, obsession with calories and exercise
  • Highly sensitive individuals with delicate digestive systems
  • Sleep issues
  • Skin (rash, itchy, dry and flaky, acne, puffy), hair (thin, dandruff, gray), nail (ridges, break easily, thin), issues
  • Cardiovascular, short breath, high blood pressure
  • Chronic pain/fibromyalgia, lower back stiffness
  • Alignment and structural issues
  • Autoimmune conditions

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