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fast fuel to burn fat and kick the sugar cravings

MCT Oil is a fractionated form of coconut or sometimes palm oil that only contains the fast-acting medium chain triglycerides (MCT).  MCTs don't need the liver to break them down, and they can be absorbed quickly through the stomach and intestinal lining, making them an easy source of fuel for our bodies.

Whether you are an athlete, someone following a ketogenic diet, a Bulletproof coffee lover, or just someone trying to shed a few pounds and up your energy levels, we highly recommend MCT Oil a couple tablespoons 2-3 times per day (in foods, coffee, green smoothies, or straight up).

From organic coconuts, and packed in a BPA-free bottles, it's hard to find a cleaner product than this.

Simple Infrared Home Therapy

Don't have a Near Infrared Sauna (NIR) at home?  No problem!  You can buy this clamp light and NIR bulb and create your own therapeutic IR space just about anywhere.  

The heat and light spectrum of NIR has been shown to be healing to the body by activating the parasympathetic nervous system.  It supports muscular relaxation and wound healing, induces the release of toxins, and even fights against pathogens and yeast/fungal overgrowths (such as skin rashes, acne, and gut dysbiosis).

CAUTION:  The lamp becomes very hot.  Do not place it closer than 15 inches to the treated area (or beyond the sensation of comfortable heat) or it may cause a burn.

Pure Effect Water Filtration Systems

We have tried many, many systems, from faucet filters, to counter top units, to Reverse Osmosis (RO), to spring water delivery, and this is what we have landed on for our personal use.  Pure Effects makes a great, safe product, and they also have exceptionally helpful customer service.  Five stars!!

Our Go-to Gluten Free Flour Mix

Bob's Red Mill has consistently produced fine alternative products to gluten, and this flour mix has proven to be a winning formulation for bakers who want to replace wheat and gluten-containing flour.

Take note that the carbohydrate content remains high, so use with caution, as high-glycemic elements of this flour mix will also raise blood sugar levels quickly.

Organically Processed Aztec Sea Salt

When it comes to the highest quality sea salt, Aztec Sea Salt is right at the top.  Packed with a broad spectrum of minerals, what puts this salt ahead is the careful way it is harvested by hand to keep it pure and uncontaminated.

We have been using this very tasty salt for years, both in our cooking, and as a helpful assistant to adrenal health and recovery with our clients.


mineral relief for R.o. water system Users

When we were building our house several years back, we made a point of installing a Reverse Osmosis (RO) filter system for our cooking and drinking water.  Little did we know at the time that our top shelf filter was also removing all of the critical nutrient minerals from our water along with the pollutants and toxins.

After a couple of years like this, we began to show signs of mineral deficiency (decreased energy levels and even neurological symptoms), which we recognize all too well now, but had no clue about then!

Fortunately, a friend recommended theses liquid mineral drops, and they helped put us back on the path to healing and recovering our bodies' much-needed mineral electrolytes.

Live Fuel for the Green-Food-Challenged

Your mom was right that you need to eat your vegetables.  But very few people actually eat enough green vegetables to meet their daily need of micronutrients, enzymes, fiber, minerals, and vitamins.  Even we struggle to make it happen, and we work hard at it!

We've tried many brands of green food supplements, and this one remains our favorite.  We like to blend it up with seasonal vegetables, a couple tablespoons of MCT Oil, some fresh lemon juice, ginger root, as well as some berries or pineapple, and coconut water kefir.  It makes for a supercharged drink to start the day right.

Gut revival for the lactose-sensitive

NOTE:  This product link is for a case of 6 on Amazon.

Hands down our go-to liquid probiotic, at home and especially before traveling.  Inner Eco truly supports the immune and digestive systems on a daily basis, but we especially love it during flu season, in preparation for air travel (think airplane bathrooms and headrests), and when working with clients to reverse yeast and fungus infection symptoms.  It comes in three flavors (original, berry, and tropical fruits).


Human Heart. Cosmic Heart

This is an important and highly recommended book by Dr. Thomas Cowan, MD, about the broader implications of heart health from both a scientific and a cosmic perspective.  For anyone interested in learning how to care for their heart better...

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