Denver Open Path

Welcome to the Denver Open Path!  We meet on a monthly basis and invite all who are committed to deepening their direct experience of Awareness and heart opening. 

Our meeting format includes slow movement meditations; reflective, spiritual discussions, short teachings, personal sharing, and deep listening meditations, including zikr, a traditional form of sacred musical meditation.  

Our work together is designed to loosen habitual patterns and beliefs, and open a lasting view of direct experience into the pureness of our being that is always present.

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This is a non-sectarian approach to spiritual realization. 

In other words, we do not rely on religion or cultural forms in a conventional sense to have this experience.  On our journey, we will also explore a wide range of poetic, sacred, and secular works that contribute to recognizing our experience as the One Being.

While this group has a root connection to the Sufi Way, it is open to all, and only asks those who come to be fully present, inclusive of others, and open to whatever shows up.

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The one who tastes, knows.
— Sufi proverb

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