Has Your System Become Toxic?

Toxicity is a challenge for everyone these days, regardless of age.

Even the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) agrees.  See their handout.

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Our bodies can only take so much stress and toxic overload before they begin to break down faster than they can heal.  Even when it is pushed too far, the body still does its best to minimize the damaging effects of these burdens.  

Whatever toxins the body can't release, it will tend to store in fat and deeper tissues that help protect more susceptible cells and functions from harm.

But every single day our bodies are exposed to new toxins:

  • Air pollution
  • Contaminated water
  • Pesticides and herbicides used on conventional and GMO crops
  • Processed foods and beverages
  • Plastics
  • Common household materials
  • Electromagnetic radiation
  • Heavy metals like mercury, aluminum, lead, and cadmium
  • Industrial chemicals that have been released into our environment
  • Any much more,,,

The question is:  Can our bodies flush out toxins faster than they accumulate them, so we can stay healthy?  Or have they just become toxic storage units, too exhausted to do more than survive?

Take Our Survey:  Am I Toxic?

Our survey below is by no means definitive, but it provides a window into some common symptoms and lifestyle factors that indicate a heavy toxic burden.  Left unaddressed, these conditions will rob the body of vital energy and lead to increasing signs of chronic degeneration, such as: 

  • Fatigue 
  • Depression
  • Headaches and stiff joints
  • Constipation
  • Skin issues and hormonal imbalances
  • Cognitive decline
  • Changes in mood and emotional expression
  • Allergies, sinus issues, and poor immune function
  • Premature aging
  • Genetic damage
  • Various cancers

But there is great hope for recovery, and our bodies will always give 100% of whatever resources they have available.  Each of our jobs is to give our bodies what they need to do their daily work, and to stay out of the way of healing by removing stressors and detrimental habits.

Curious to see if toxicity might be holding you back from your full potential?  Take our short survey questionnaire and find out.  

All results are anonymous.

Am I Toxic?
Am I Toxic?
Take our survey to see if you might be experiencing chronic toxicity symptoms from heavy metals, lifestyle, and/or nutrient deficiencies. SCORING: Strongly Disagree = 1 Disagree = 2 Neutral = 3 Agree = 4 Strongly Agree = 5 Add up your results. A score of 25 or greater suggests a toxic burden that may be impairing your overall energy and capabilities.
I often feel fatigued or tired.
I often experience stiffness first thing in the morning.
My body feels stiff after periods of rest.
I often feel fuzzy, confused, or have trouble concentrating.
I often feel dizzy when I stand up quickly.
My joints crack and pop regularly.
I frequently experience headaches and/or back pain.
I eat often eat fast, processed, or deep-freid foods.
I often feel aches and pains throughout my body.
I experience frequent sinus problems like stuffiness and/or infections.
I feel like I need candy, coffee, sodas, sweets, or cigarettes to give myself a daily boost (especially first thing in the morning and in the mid-afternoon).
I frequently feel sleepy in the afternoon.
I often experience gas and/or bloating within an hour after eating.
I bruise easily.
It takes me a long time to recover even from moderate exercise.
I feel like I need to lose weight but lack the energy to exercise.
I experience frequent allergy symptoms.
I have been exposed to chemicals, sedatives, or stimulants.
I take pain relievers regularly.
My family has a history or arthritis, autoimmune conditions, heart disease, and/or diabetes.
I have fewer than one bowel movement per day.
I use unfiltered tap water for drinking and bathing.
I eat conventionally produced foods, vegetables, and meats (non-organic).
Gender Identity
Gender I identify with most:

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